We specialize in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) through our super-smart AI chatbots.

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Let's face it, most chatbots suck and customer retention is poor. We’ve spent years developing technologies that significantly improve customer experience and developing our chatbots into 24/7/365 digital workers that efficiently carry out tasks and fulfil complex customer requests. Let us show you how AI can make a difference in your business today by improving efficiency and reducing costs.
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Deep learning
Our chatbots can learn up to five-times than faster than most commercial chatbots via highly automated deep-learning based on artificial neural networks. Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Fulfilment should be a key output for any chatbot worth its salt. Our chatbots can fulfill complex transactional requests via natural language conversation, autonomously trigger processes, monitor a ticket and keep a customer informed. We make every conversation count
Most of our competitors simply cannot structure, extract, store and tokenise conversational data in meaningful ways. We extract data from every conversation with our chatbots to provide detailed insights into customers, trends, issues, behaviours and ontologies.

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