We build super-smart, highly customized & multilingual chatbots that fulfill complex customer transactions and requests

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Africa sales queries: Kaveer Beharee
Europe sales queries: Carrie-Jean Walker
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Let's face it - it's likely that every chatbot you've come across just suck. They never understand people and the net result is that customers never return. We have spent years developing technologies and perfecting processes to significantly improve customer experience. It has truly been a multinational effort to develop our technologies, which we think are among the best in the world.
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Fulfilment should be a key output for any chatbot worth its salt. Our chatbots can fulfill complex transactional requests via natural language commands, and if the request is beyond its pay-grade our chatbot will autonomously generate a ticket, monitor the ticket and keep a customer informed. Deep learning
Our chatbots can learn up to five-times than faster than machine-learning chatbots using highly automated deep learning based on artificial neural networks We make every conversation count
Our team and technology is capable of structuring data from every conversation on the platform, to provide detailed insights into individual customers or identify trends, issues, behaviours and new ontologies at a macro level.

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