We build AI virtual assistants that automate, enhance, simplify consumer interactions on online platforms like WhatsApp

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Kaveer Beharee - Chief Executive Officer
Africa sales queries: Kaveer Beharee
Europe sales queries: Carrie-Jean Walker

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We build highly advanced AI-based virtual assistants (similar to Siri or Alexa) that connect businesses to customers on online platforms like WhatsApp.

Through innovations by our award-winning AI experts and use of technologies like deep-learning we can prototype, train and deploy our VAs faster than any competitor out there.

Our priority is enhancing user experience to maximize retention.
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Our AI technology
Unlike most competitors using off the shelf AI tech, our natural language processing experts developed bespoke AI technology to effectively understand communication intent.

This enhances user experience by enabling more natural conversation. This also means that our VAs can interpret and execute complex business operations with high confidence through consumer interactions.
Our approach to training our VAs
Anybody who has ever used a chatbot understands the sheer frustration of talking to a bot. The reality is that AI isn’t developing as fast in the area of linguistics compared to other areas in AI.

To address this and successfully commercialize chatbots, we train our chatbots quicker and more effectively using cutting edge deep-learning technology and automating the process to a high degree.
Using AI to understand consumers
Every consumer conversation with our VAs can provide new business and consumer insights.

Our VAs can structure every piece of conversational data to automate business processes, like for example, generate, escalate and track a highly detailed complaint.

This enables companies to use our VAs in new and exciting ways to simplify business processes and truly make every customer interaction count.

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