We create online artificial intelligence systems that significantly enhance, simplify and analyse stakeholder engagement

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Kaveer Beharee - Chief Executive Officer

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We design and create highly intelligent AI-based VRMs (virtual relationship managers), accessible on social media, websites and apps. Our VRMs integrate with back-end systems to address queries or provide stakeholders with real-time transactional information 24/7/365. Our proprietary ETL technology enables us to prototype, train and deploy faster than any competitor out there.
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Our portfolio of VRMs - Lucy
Lucy can replace up to two-thirds of agents in customer-interaction centres. Through back-end system integrations, Lucy can be deployed in countless customer engagement scenarios from CRM applications to debt collection.

Lucy is scalable, highly efficient and more cost effective than virtually any other type of interaction solution.

Lucy also structures and analyses all interaction data.
Our portfolio of VRMs - Shara
Shara is the world’s first regulatory VRM for industry Regulators that enforce regulations, require ongoing compliance and/or professional certification and development (like the auditing, property and healthcare).

Shara automates or semi-automates at least 50% of compliance-related engagement functions with industry participants, cutting layers of compliance and enforcement costs.
Our portfolio of VRMs - Simone
Simone is a debt engagement VRM that can be deployed in both the debt review and consumer credit arrangements. Through ongoing, helpful and educational engagement with consumers, Simone will significantly improve relationships and trust between consumers and credit providers, while reducing payment defaults.

Simone is a highly automated system and a cost-effective alternative to call centres.

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